Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Thick Line Between Bla Bla Bla and Efficiency

Read the following this morning in The Strait Times:

"The Singapore economy became more energy efficient last year, squeezing more value from every dollar spent on electricity, even as it cost more.

In other words, it took less electricity to generate every dollar of the gross domestic product (GDP) last year - 13 percentage points less than in 1999.

It is significant that the country's energy efficiency went up in a year of spiralling fuel prices. Fuel costs, which make up half the cost of generating electricity here, rose by 418 per cent since 1999..."


Bruno said...

Enfin, est-ce que c'est pas un peu utopique de croire qu'on peut tout optimiser comme ca? Enfin on est a Maurice quand meme! :S

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Nu telman dan fatak ici ki pa ti pu mal kumans optimizer.

sanjana singh said...


today's accidents have laid a serious impact upon mauritians. Though we are related or not to those families. Our hearts pain with griefs yet we feel helpless.
my deepest sympathy to the families of both accidents which happened today.
In india,heavy traffic jam prevails, yet the rate of accidents is not so prevailing unlike in mauritius. Policemen are seldom found on the streets in india or other countries.
here inspite of the high presence of police-officers on streets, the number of accidents hasn't reduced.
do we lack sufficient equipment to ensure smooth traffic? or the police force in mauritius is inefficient? do we have a customer care service in police stations?
and a website for every police station where the public and the police can work hand in hand for the welfare of the society?

We are living in a high-tec mauritian society yet we are lagging behind many things.
things fall apart.

many lives are being lost, can the mauritian police force re-inforce its system in every way?