Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MMM Votes To Compromise Presidency

Indeed on Saturday a supermajority of its central committee voted in favour of having Sir Aneerood Jugnauth lead an MSM/MMM alliance as Prime Ministerial candidate in the next general elections. The snag is that SAJ is our President and as everyone knows -- save 33 members of the central committee, Cassam Uteem and Jayen Cuttaree -- Presidents are not supposed to go back to partisan politics. That is we don't want to see them on a political platform again.

This vote also raises some serious questions about the strength of the leadership of Pravind Jugnauth who inherited the job almost a decade back. At the same time it confirms that the MMM badly needs a new leader. ASAP.


akagugo said...

Hep! Enn ti koz-kozé dan sato-Réduit, tou korek asterr...
Tourbillon dans un verre d'eau.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Wai, PM ti kav atan zedi avan li fer so deklarasyon lindi.