Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Chimp of Competitiveness


akagugo said...

The CHAMP of competitiveness... :-)

"Sugar, textile and clothing are extremely important pillars in our economic development..."

"We have also reformed our taxation completely. From a very complex, complicated taxation where there were a lot of carve-outs for industries, to a simple transparent and rule-based taxation, so we've gone for a single rate of taxation, fifteen percent, one-five, for income tax, for corporate tax."

" make the labour market more flexible and at the same time to give some addtional security to people who would loose their jobs..."

"notwithstanding the fact that we have introduced two additional stimulus packages as a result of the global economic downturn representing approximately 4% of the GDP so we have been able to reverse the declining trend in growth, the debt-to-GDP ratio has come down, the deficit as a share of GDP has also, uh, come down... As a result the growth will be around 3%... "

"we have focussed a lot over the last year on saving jobs and protecting people... so we have created more jobs, and unemployment is on a decling trend..."

"What could derail this? I think, first domestically, that we need to accelerate investment in infrastructure. Second we need to sustain our investment in tertiary education..."

Wai do!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Disik mo gate, degaze leve, lavenir li dan to lame...

Ah wi sa flat tax la finn enn gran revolisyon. Ek sa inn amenn bann bel rezilta.

E kuma nu kav bliye sa isse-sti-mou-louss pakeg la? Hein?

Wi pah, pu ratio defisit/prodwi nasyonal brut e ratio det/prodwi nasyonal brut nun break z paket move quality.

Dimunn finn usi gagn bel bel (kadi?)proteksyon ek sa bann reform la, ek somaz finn pet pom.

E gras a reform infrastriktir finn vinn maru maru thik thak: tu nu problem dilo inn maron.

Zot penkor kompran ki TINA???