Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is the TINA Disease Spreading To The CNT?

That's a potential conclusion on reading Le Matinal which is announcing that the state has decided to privatise the organisation because it is making losses and has debt. The article adds that planning is not needed: only vision is needed. Really?

I disagree. For sure people differ in their ability to read the tea leaves and peer into the future but planning is a building block of basic management. If you're not gonna -- or are not able to -- do anything else you should plan.

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Kranti said...

When the GM is nominated on political affinity criterion, the board of directors should be headed by a political nominee, when the politicians intervene in the day to day management - eg, who to promote, who to fill such position, etc - we are bound to have the NTC or any other parastatal as they are and become! Give a dog a bad name and hang it! But, but to the benefit of whom? Attention BAI group encore! Or for another political friend! Mauricien bon dimounn sa!