Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wantan Kills 8-year Old Boy

Christian Chang Chuan Lin is dead after eating home-prepared wantans for two successive meals. His parents suspect the pork meat purchased at the central market is the culprit although they are not excluding medical negligence.

That's the latest of a seemingly unending string of food-poisoning cases. Water-cuts seem to have helped transform a nation-wide attitude of bate-bate to one of avoy ferfut.


Anonymous said...

Eat no meat at all! No such risks with a vegetarian diet. Im a vegetarian - my only motive is being humane to animals and Im proud of my lifestyle.And I'm safe too!

akagugo said...

@ Anonymous of May 9, 2011 1:16 AM:
Beware of residual pesticides and cakes, and personal hygiene of others, dear fellow human being. Inflate your vegetarian pride with this and this, which are actually motivating me to join your club... Now, feeling better?

As I mentioned elsewhere, it is so simple to monitor the hygiene of food-handlers, just like in Singapore or elsewhere, but, as usual, the scapegoat of the Tiger is "lack of personnel / funds". And the executive civil servants who are paid for planning and ensuring our safety keep failing (how much can you bet that they never never eat outside?) at seeing the implications of the sprawl of food outlets since the mid-90's: more control, more staff etc... Mais ziska présent la tisane pé vinne bien aprés la-mort mem... until then, better take your own precautions.

akagugo said...

From this morning

"75 propriétaires de restaurants verbalisés pour non-respect des normes d’hygiène

Mardi, 17 mai. La Flying Squad du ministère de la Santé a frappé fort hier. Des officiers de cette unité ont verbalisé pas moins de 75 propriétaires de restaurants pour non-respect des règlements de la Food Act. Ces propriétaires ne respectaient pas les règles d’hygiène. Le ministre de l’Enseignement supérieur, Rajesh Jeetah, qui assure la suppléance à la Santé, a participé aux différentes opérations effectuées à travers le pays."

So, these recent deaths may have caused the health inspectors to fall from their beds and out of their slumber...

What about this and this: will they wait for complaints to be properly filed before taking any action? "Prevention is better than cure", some fool said once...