Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kozelidir Free Guide To Understanding The Infamous Stimulus Package

We did not need one in the first place as our banks were making record profits and did not have toxic assets on their balance sheets thanks to the relative primitiveness of their operations. Besides what was marketed as proof that the Sithanen/Mansoor reforms had been successful was merely a flash in the pan. The trouble we got into here was instead due to the work of a White Swan.

The ASP, for sure, could have been more transparent. But it didn't take long before it became redundant.

Claims of it saving as many as 4,700 jobs are easy to disprove while MPs now want hear from Mansoor.

And a lot of people want to hear from Cader.


Anonymous said...

I want to know where all that money is gone? Where is it? Has it been buried somewhere at the foot of the mountains we can see from ebene? We should be able to trace it out!

Ramgoolam comes on the TV to launch 6 useless TV stations no one watches and talks for about an hour I think, but he can't come explain this huge disaster!

I'm glad I didn't vote last time. Yeah, I know about my civil duties and so on.....but asking the lunatics to run the asylum .....nope, no way!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to hear from Cader now (just had a listen at what he said before on Le Duel a century ago!).He lied a lot actually when he says this is extremely well monitored etc etc. All a lie, ask Nita Cader, she will say the same thing!

Anonymous said...

En ecoutant Mr Cader mo a p penser ki Nita ti capave addresse so question a Mr Cader meme ki un pli grand defenseur stimulus pakage ki pauvre PJ ki finne rentre dans un situation ki li pas fine cree.

Cader p democratise l'economie la .......pou banne fat cats! Bien interessant pou ecooute li dire coument ca ti a p protege l'emploi. Ben justement Mr Cader, tout ca ti faux.

Question - A ben coument Cader et Nita trvaille ensemble lor democratisation l'economie?

Taxpayer said...

Hello Taxpayers,

I've contacted a movie producer in California and he said he likes the idea of making a movie on BPO Infinity with a concentration on the missing millions of rupees or 11 millions US Dollars!(In the US people have made movies on Enron and many other financial scandals)

Ramgoolam has shown a keen interest in making Mauritius a movie Hub(emphasis on the word hub here) and Minister Choonee also has made a few references to it too in the recent past. So I'm sure Ramgoolam will enjoy playing his own role............

Any volunteers for the other lead roles?

PS - Prof Nobel Prize will be part of it too!!


Mauritian Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

The movie idea is not bad - in France they are about to launch a movie on President Sarkozy. Of course France is a true democracy that lives and breathes all the time!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should remove/delete this blog entry now since Nita said that our (dear) government has got the money back it invested in the white elephant.

she said....'monne alle renseignment.....'

Sounds like 'renseigment' refers to un unkown CIA type office we have here where you can get these financial information.