Saturday, March 5, 2011

DSK Explains Brazilian Resilience

As a combination of three factors in a press communique released 2 days ago:
  1. Fiscal responsibility
  2. Inflation targeting
  3. Flexible exchange rate
Would Ali Mansoor kindly explain to us how we've been doing on these since he was given the job of Financial Secretary by his university buddy 5 years ago?


Anonymous said...

Why L'express says nothing negative about Darga: When NR won the elections in 2005, Darga was on MBC commenting results(the first commentator actually) and he said he was good friends with Raj Meetharban, this is on record.

BTW AM is very quiet these days- li besoin p faire ban calcul bien difficle pou explique un peu performance .......

Anonymous said...

Lol, Darga! Hey seulement mo dire zot ca quantite gaspillages avec sirop stimulus la...dans un autre pays ti pou enan manifestations.Ici nous pas dire narien, la dans un peu jours besoin mette nouveau plaque pou lauto la, 800 roupies cotte Game papa. Mo p meme envie collecter tou bane ancien plaque en AL et servit ca pou faire un statu de NR ou bien meme mieux envoye li dehors comme scrap material.