Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Boolell: We're Not Here To Serve Fat Cats

That's what he said at the Annual General Assembly of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry a few days ago. He added that our economic policies need to be reviewed and highlighted anti-competitive behaviour by some economic players.

Sounds good. But is this something that he has now carved on his DNA or just another speech to fool us?


Anonymous said...

Fat cats? - here are skinny cats then- Infinity BPO, World Knits, Mardemootoo's enterprise, Manupan,.......

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, my first time perusing this blog.....hey I don't live too far from one of the fat cats (W.K Ltd)and I must say they are really fat with extra fat cars and all that.....with our money!

akagugo said...

You may compare Arvind's speech of 2010 against that of 2011.

The most recent one seemingly vows
- "to remain the model that Professor Joseph Stiglitz affirms we are"
- "we see ourselves ranked 1st in the 2010 Ibrahim Index of African Governance; 1st in Africa and 17th globally in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2010 and 12th on the Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom in 2010. (...)
Our Government is committed to doing all that is necessary to keep Mauritius high in the right indexes"

Were these examples of self-congratulation compulsory?

Anonymous said...

Boolell has a lot to learn from Ramgoolam - see, Ramgoolam's main thing is to cling to power and be PM......and he knows he has to say popular come whatever may. He uses people to take care of the difficult issues he cant handle himself and then just replaces them when they become unpopular.Dont believe me?

He used Rama, got rid of when he failed

Now, he is using PJ- the poor man has no idea what to do - see Nita fires at PJ regarding the failure of AM with infinity saga and all.

He had put in charge a Ptr man at the CWA- disaster comes he criticizes the man and gets rid of him

He nominate Suzanne as advisor when the latter was clearly an incompetent, now he doesn't even remember his name.

He gave an important ministry to Soodhun knowing full well the man is...ehhh

Recently he said he was against stimulus package,NRPT etc etc

The list is long dear......

Anonymous said...

You all got it wrong guys - remember once Boolell have a talk at the UN or African Union and Ramgoolam said loudly that he was behind the statements - drafted and redrafted 4 times?

So this time, the note was redrafted just once by Nita........

akagugo said...

@ Anonymous of March 30, 2011 1:07 PM:
Wai do! Nek ti manque l'opposition la-bas pou faire enn standing ovation! :-)

Anonymous said...

This infinity BPO is no joke - 340 millions rupees or 11.3 millions US dollars!

Its a lot of money about which Ramgoolam doesn't say anything - do this in France and you are not president the next day.....or try do this in North European countries and who knows you might be fed to the lions!

The US needs to learn a thing or two from Mauritius --- faire rier camarade. Navin Raomgoolam p faire tout pou boufone SSR and tout banne ancien Ptr.

Anonymous said...

About the boolells - At the MCA there's an old tape sitting where Satcam Boolell gives a very long interview monologue on his career and Mauuritius.In it, and it can be verified, he says - 'When I was a minister I used to work for a few hours only(can't remember if he gave a figure there) because I was very efficient - I didn't have to work full time in my office'....And he goes on to say how after he lost the elections he didn't go to work as a lawyer as he didn't want to plead in front of young junior magistrates etc etc

Talk about arrogance - and here is another one, another Boolell who wants to give us the impression he's a Top Man working for a Top Guy called Navin Ramgoolam.

Satcam Boolell must have though Edison invented the bulb in 3 seconds!