Thursday, January 1, 2009

MMM Should Find Platform Other Than Skin of Its Leader

Or face mayhem in the next general elections. Berenger got thrown out of office in 2005 because he delivered the worst performance by any of the Prime Ministers we've been electing since 1968 after a majority of voters thought that nobody could do worse than Ramgoolam at the end of his mandate in 2000.

Ramgoolam got back in again in 2005 because Mauritius kind of decided that his mediocre performance as PM the first time around was after all not as debilitating as Berenger's. That was before Sithanen seriously messed up our resilience and literally wiped out five years from the kind of future the people who built this country had envisioned.

It's time for Berenger to take a back seat and rebuild the MMM. A good starting point would be to appoint Lutchmenaraidoo as his successor. Now.


Anonymous said...

People must lobby to bring Vishnu
to the forefront and save the country

Anonymous said...

There is an organisation called Democracy Watch which gives scores to articles published in media. It is a team comprising Roger Leung (former Banker at Barclays), Dan Bundhoo (Rogers/MK senior executive), Yvan Martial (journalist), Michael Atchia (former BEC Director) and Raouf Bundhun (Ex-VP of Republic).

Michael Atchia made a suprising statement that 'communalisme'... receded when Berenger became PM in 2003. Oh boy!

Raouf Bundhun is probably one of worst 'rodere boute' our country has produced: MMM nominated him Ambassador and VP but given that he is a 'Ramgoolamiste' elbowed in vain to have LP nominate him again as VP. I do not see how he can contribute to better governance in Mauritius.

Yvan Martial is not bad but may not have the necessary perspective to write in a non-partisan way. He is probably the one writing the communiques.

I do not know either how Bundhoo is helping the group getting those selective or out-of-touch press releases out.

Leung may not have better options to spend his retirement...