Thursday, January 15, 2009


If you want to get a taste of how Dodoland operates, MK will provide you with lots of tips. To dig even deeper, you may also try to decipher the features that make the UOM and the MBC so Dodolandish.


Anonymous said...

"Features that make UoM (...) so Dodolandish"...?
Ahem, let's try to see which one fits the picture best:
- Giving Honoris Causa titles to people in their auditorium while less than 50m away their CITS lab reeks of urine?
- Providing a 3 storey-high building to the Faculty of Engineering, but failing to fit it with a decent lift. And repeating the same mistake on the Engineering Tower some years ago?
- Allowing intakes of 50+sized cohorts of freshers at the Faculty of Agriculture but then seeing them unable to secure some kind of employment at the end of their studies? And repeating the same mistake with a Mechatronics Engineering course that doesn't allow graduates to receive a proper registration at the CRPE?
- Keeping parking lots to their original size, putting double yellow lines everywhere outside parking lots and then allowing vehicles to park where double yellow lines have been freshly painted...?
- Setting courses for part-timers as from 16:30 (is this a sign that UoM expects all its working students to be civil servants) and their exams during normal working hours?
- Bragging about a "Going Green" /eco-campus campaign and then allowing a Auto Tuning Show to be held on their football ground?
No, you can't choose which one of the above fits the description. Because all do.

"Features that make (...) MBC so Dodolandish"...?
Oookay... let's see:
- the films?
- the news bulletins, especially the English one?
- the jingles?
- the children's programmes?
- the 'socio-cultural' programmes?
- the colour of its head-quarters at Réduit?
- the 'nose' of its head-quarters at Réduit?
- the colour of the 'nose'?


All are world-class!

Aal iz vèèll...

Anonymous said...

CAn we start a petition to ask MBC to stop taking our monthly 100 rupees? I dont watch mbc tv anymore!

Anonymous said...

Nose HQ la parey kuma mask ti bizin met lor Hannibal Lecter pu li pa morde non?

akagugo said...

Pa bon pran nissa ar ou vwazin kan li dan diff...