Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lider Maximo's Last Stupid Move?

Berenger's threat of having MMM MPs collectively resign in January is a desperate and unambiguous sign that the guy has been in politics for way too long and has been leading his party for even longer. That's after he threatened to get us out of the Commonwealth a few years back simply because he did not get an appointment with the then British PM, Tony Blair.

If he thinks he is intimidating the people of Mauritius he and the MMM better think again. If they do resign Ramgoolam should, as soon as that becomes possible, organise bye-elections in the handful of ridings where the MMM managed to get candidates elected in 2005 and be prepared to win all the contested seats. 

Of course the almost super majority Ramgoolam would command would be short-lived: voters would not yet have had a chance to say loud and clear what they thought of the totally crazy policies of Rama Sithanen.  

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