Friday, July 20, 2012

Mauritius Has 11 Athletes in London Olympics

One less than at the Beijing Olympics. You probably know the triathlete Fabienne St-Louis and the beach-volley champs Natacha Rigobert and Elodie Li Yuk Lo. And Aurelie Halbwachs who will participate in cycling events. Plus a few other athletes in swimming and track and field. Good luck to all of them and may they follow in Bruno Julie's footsteps.

South Africa has 133 athletes (3 less than in Beijing), Madagascar 7, Kenya 50 (they sent 2 less 4 years ago but had an amazing medals rank: 13). India is sending 83 people (compared to 57 in China) while China is sending 382 (vs 639 when it was the host country). That's barely bigger than the Japanese delegation (303). Russia has 443 athletes (they are always a big team). USA has probably the largest one (indeed 536).

And finally Great Britain will be represented by 556 athletes. The fun begins in a little less than seven days. If you're taking the opening ceremony as yardstick.

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