Monday, April 16, 2012

Cure For Insomnia Discovered

And it's free too. Just read the Government Programme delivered on Monday. And get ready to literally fall into a coma. For sure there are some good suggestions in there like the bill to cater for referenda. And it's simply awesome that government has now discovered that we are surrounded by an ocean. But the main trouble with this document is that it is a stack dump of ideas and statistics that have been cherry-picked. Little to do with the reality of 99% of the population. Besides it doesn't flow nicely. It's not integrated. It's policy spaghetti. The only thing that's missing on the cover is c'est un plaisir.

How much of it will actually be implemented? And will that make a difference? Don't hold your breath. Instead get an idea of where we're heading by going through the latest letter of development policy: "the fiscal position remains stretched and a counter-cyclical policy will be difficult to implement if the external threats materialize" writes Xavier-Luc Duval.


Anonymous said...

Paret vrai even if I didn't listen to whole of it.

ene miracle mo encor leve sa lheure la

akagugo said...

Gagn drwa férr sa-kalité copy-paste flagran-la???

Enn ti kestion: ki sa vé-dir "counter-cyclical policy" siouplé?

Policy mo conpran. Mé ki "counter-cyclical" vinn férr la: dépi ki tou inn vir anbalao en 2008, pena fénoménn "cyclical" mem...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Kownter-sayeklikal se bann politik ki al kont kuran. Examp si lekonomi pe rebondi ek u ogment lintere.

Bon pwin. Me kav li aplik pu selma sertin lekonmi pendan sertin lepok. Bizin tiek enn kut. Me se sir ki li varye de pei en pei.