Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SAJ Expected To Resign on Friday

As President of the Republic. Mainstream media have announced that he will hold a press conference at Le Reduit at 10h30. SAJ is expected to lead an MSM/MMM alliance into the next general elections. But independent analysts see it more like a move to save his party from extinction.

He turns 82 tomorrow or roughly about the same age when SSR lost power 30 years ago.


akagugo said...

That remake thing is so stale... This person's analysis is still cruelly relevant today: the political drama is like a perpetually recycled plot aimed at diverting the common people from the really pressing issues (like water, electricity, inflation, security on streets, job creation, entrepreneurship, to name a few), all fuelled by money from some "caisse noire" while the opulent keep on feasting within their secluded "domaines".
Are we going to see some new political force to wipe out these parasites anytime soon?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Wai, analiz Mohammad enkor daktialite. Kreer bann diversyon pu gard lepep okipe letan sa nu bannn politisyen enjoy zot enn tigit.