Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mansoor Saying Maintenance of Welfare State Dependent on Growth Rates

According to Le Mauricien. That was on Thursday during the same event where Manou talked to our local cry babies. What bean-counting Ali should instead have said is that his tax experiments have cost tax payers a lot and have made previously sustainable social nets overdependent on robust growth rates. This economic poop of his can be fixed by sufficiently raising taxes of the well-to-do.

What do you think? 


akagugo said...

In defence of the Welfare State, ladies and gentlemen, please do yourself a favour of listening and paying careful attention to Prof Hawking's plea.
But in general, we are living very troubling times, as exposed by Mr Subron yesterday. There is cause for great concern when you consider the staggering amounts of tax unpaid by our local large conglomerates. So much that we should be begging other countries' fake generosity into financing our 'devlopma'.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Be parey kuma soz ti koz manti pu kas lekonomi ek bez peyi dan toohrooh.

akagugo said...

Our dear Emmanuel is feeling the wrath of his own CRS while trying to force his new work code (read: less workers rights' protection) down the throat of the French people. Certainly not an example for us - let's hope our new work code will get a start with the concet of decent pay.