Tuesday, June 21, 2011

EU Withholds Cash Greece Needs To Avoid Default

That's the news hitting every screen in the last 24 hours. Europe wants Greece to do some belt-tightening before it pushes the money already on the table towards Athens. Translation: sell public assets.

I don't know if you noticed the PM mentioning in his MIIF speech that lame duck parastatals will be phased out. Hmm, so are we back with the same kind of crap that tagged the DWC as lame duck while putting an infinite amount of money in a hubris-infected company?

Why doesn't he phase out the lame bean-counter first? Things will improve for everybody.


Anonymous said...

He should phase out the MBC, we dont need it anymore, I dont like it that I spend 100 rupees each month to let them stay in business.

This is a permanent bailout

Anonymous said...

Read that speech, sounds like a General Paper Essay to me, I'll give 4.5 out of 10. But tell me, is the PMO a high performimg or low performing orgnisation?

The PM reminds me of the manager who like to evaluate others and forgets about his own evaluation.

I'm happy I'm leaving the country in about 3 weeks - good bye Mauritius!!

Anonymous said...

So if AM is sacked rightaway, many things will improve eh? As if doing this makes dollars drop from the sky.

Give me a break and get rid of this AM fixation

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Yeah, he can start and maybe stop with the MBC.

The sad thing is that Ramgoolam could start being a much better PM if he stopped being a neocon and pretending to be the champion of social justice at the same time.

Indeed many things will improve and they will improve immediately if the bean-counter is shown the exit. You want a proof? Savings rate is on the rise again, as expected, after taxes on savings were removed in the last budget.

Anonymous said...

Why stop with MBC, many more parasites called parastatals can be closed down, these are set up to make party members rich!

Not cynical at all, believe me..so many of them are redundant or low peforming. Have a day at the HRDC and you will see what I am talking about!!

And what about the TEC? Why do they exist or why does the tertiary ministry exist?

Thye closed down the ministry of traning to set up the HRDC and have created a new minsitry for higer education when the TEC exist!

As I have said before on this blog many times, the lunatics are running the asylum!!

Vik said...

I want a new ministry for Maurice Ile Durable plus a mega mega parastatal body attached to it.

Any chance I could be chairman?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Sure, we can check for redundancy. Just like we don't need all those ministries to get the job done. And we certainly didn't need those funds that were set up to empower people. Why did we have to create an empowerment fund or foundation when ministries are there to empower us. Okay, they were part of the voodoo accounting scheme.

But it gets worst: the PMO is getting all kinds of experts attached to it. Buntipilly is the special adviser to the PM on transportation issues; another guy in charge of MID and now there's gonna be a team which is going to check that stuff gets implemented.

I thought ministries are responsible for the implementation of government policy.

Finally, check the list of ministries: no ministry is in charge of planning!!!

Anonymous said...

Tell you what, we have inspectors inspecting the inspectors here!!

At times I wonder if the PM is really a medical doctor - if you ask any good doctor he will tell you how good surgeons are at planning and executing plans with success.

I just had a 20 minutes op abroad last year for a major problem - my doc did a miracle and that too in just 20 mins!!

So why is Ramgoolam so bad at even using his transferable skills? Or maybe he just doesnt have them?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Reading medicine doesn't necessarily make you a good doctor. Just like reading economics does not make you a good economist or more importantly someone who understands how the economy works. And I don't know if telling dumb stories about having worn the ancestors of havaianas till the age of 16 changes anything to the equation.

I think Ramgoolam has been a politician much longer than he has been a doctor.

Still, I thought his first mandate was, to put it mildly, very average. The last one was mega toxic. So, if he delivers the kind of performance of the 1995-2000 vintage I think people will say thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting debate here!! My two cents:

Have you heard about the water resources unit? Here is a new one, water research unit courtesy of Mr Rajesh Jeetha!!

Abe ca research unit la ki faire besoin kan enan banne gros peto de Singapore??

Anonymous said...

Fixation la paraitre marcher avec marchand badia. Surement pour marcher avec son la moitie. Essayez pour voir!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ya, PM can immediately phase out the brand new National Water Research Group which has the same objectives as the 18-year old Water Resources Unit.

Anonymous said...

Where do you want to land with brains like Buntipilly? Gosh! heard him over the radio last time what a load of crap! To rising accidents he dared: because drivers are boosted by our velvet-like roads; to failing traffic lights: drivers ought to slow down...Wonder how people like that and Mansoor with such track records are still poisoning the air.

Anonymous said...

water research sipa kiete la, bougre la penan grand chose a faire mo camarade!!

Anonymous said...

1. Water resources unit
2. National water research group
3. Central water authority
4. Waste water management authority

Hmmmm, I think what we need now is a Tourist Water Authority to look after the water needs of the 2 million tourists that are expected any time now!

Minister of Tourism, now it's your turn to shine!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever used one of those softwares that delete duplicate files on a PC?

We certainly need one that will detect, select, erase, double-erase and tripple-erase duplicate organisations/structures and people setup by the previous and present governments.

Easiest one is - Vice President of Republic! Have you heared what she is up to? Someone ,who wanted to have the job, said this post maintains the social fabric of the country by providing a balance of some sort. She must be busy then!

Now let me vomit, burke......

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Btw, PM so speech lor pwa disik dan nu lekonomi en total kontradiksyon ek seki... ahem...
tial ponn Dalian.

Anonymous said...

Vice President or Presidential vices ......of squandering public money that is!

It would have been so good to have this budget used for those who, say, can't get medical treatment in Mauritius. Or for any other important purpose.

Democracy has its limits, TVA from the textile worker might end up paying for wine served at useless events for useless people.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We can definitely put our tax rupees to better use.

Any idea how much interest and other monies we've been paying the World Bank over the last 5-6 years?

akagugo said...

@ SJ
"no ministry is in charge of planning!!!"
Weh, samem mo'nn deman plizierr dimounn, mem réponse "zéro-plombaz" sak fois. Ena enn lepok mo bien rappel ki c'est ça ministerr-la ki ti pé oversee works for public infrastructure. Kot li'nn allé? Saki mo ti cwar comprend, seki c'est ça ministerr-la ki ti pe consulter avant lance travaux consultations, ek apré démarre execution.
"if you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Anonymous said...

NOTE- Bheenick ti incharge of planningdans ministere plan avant li pose candidat

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ya Bheenick ti dan plan avan. Posib akoz samem nu pa ti pe regrese -- byen ki nu pa ti pe avanse kuma nu ti kav.