Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mauritians Visit Blogger More Often Than Orange

According to Alexa: they are at positions no. 8 and 9. The first newspaper in the list is L'express at 11th spot. is at 16 while Wordpress, blogger's competitor, at 22. is at 15, MCB at 13, SBM only 99 (but it has another entry at 102). Le Matinal is at 28 while (this includes weekend and turf magazine) at 36. Liverpool is at 48, Manu at 54. Google Mauritius is no 2. And the winner is... Facebook!

You can have fun with the full list here. But read this before getting too excited.

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kifer said...

Le Mauricen went through a nice weblift last week but the people they have hired to manage the transition do not seem to know their job properly. I have not been able to access their site this evening. The last few days when I was able to get through I had to download a big pdf file to read the newspaper. This is taking too long.

I hope they can fix this problem soon.