Friday, February 18, 2011

Riviere: SSR Pa Ti Enn Gran Zestioner Ekonomik

Se seki linn dir dan enn interviu Journal du Samedi resaman. Ki u pense lor la?


Anonymous said...

Heard on TV last night(they were smart to have this this before oo7 movie):
I'm intelligent and smart, I am a lawyer and a Doctor.

Lawyer - who doesn't know what indigenous means

Doctor - who is zero in health-care design.

Anonymous said...

He still hasn't read La Fontaine.

BTW I once saw an interview of SSR by Hazareesing - SSR seemed like a really humble man. Very different from this thing we have now.Im only 32, so I never knew SSR to be clear but I can lsiten to him know unlike this one who sounds like a rotton piece of soap opera

Anonymous said...

I once wrote on this blog that it looks like we are in a communist state, especially because of what the new Vice president said: grand parti, grand parti....others said same and talked about loyalty etc etc and on and on. Now I see that NR invited a representative of the Chinese communist, this Chinese guy must have been impressed seeing red everywhere, maybe he thinks this place is an extension of his china...