Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kindle: Get Out of The Way, The iPad is Here!


Anonymous said...

Complete special event here.

Anonymous said...

I wish it could used as a means of showing the political parties posters during election time in environmental pollution anymore.

Its not a joke...seriously hav eyou thought about how our landscape will look like in afew months time.....and then it will be cleaned off using our own money.

Kranti said...

Good, Ramgoolam overruled Sithanen and Ali Mansoor and shook them from the "nou ki mari" position. But Ramgoolam, what is he doing with the Civil Service? There are about 24 Ministries and most of them are headless - no substantive PS or Senior Chief Executive. If I recall well, since he came in office, no or very few Ministries heads have been appointed. It is a known fact that the PSC can only proceed (rubber stamp!) with appointments of Ministries heads only if the PM recommends. According to info, the files concerned are lying with full of dust at the PMO.