Sunday, October 18, 2009

MSM Promises Second Miracle

If it finds itself in government again although we didn't see any between 2000 and 2005. Maybe we would have if we had not been stupid enough to kick Federation 2 out of office. Silly us!

Maybe not because they claim the first miracle started right in 1983. Wait a second. If Labour got hammered in June 1982 and MMM-PSM started fighting almost immediately till their break-up nine months later in March 1983 what exactly did they do for the miracle to begin as soon as Berenger was dumped?

And if miracle indeed there was, why did Obeegadoo have to build all these schools 17 years later and traffic was to become a ten-headed monster?


Anonymous said...

Don't miss the point here. The first miracle was that a Premier Minis colonne was propped up in extremis by an ailing doctor, a rejected gay and a weed plucker, but he used all of his entourage to work his magic : by creating an Empire of his own ( The Sun Trust), by catapulting baby Pinnochio to DPMship , and by using a dumb ass to occupy the Reduit Chateau for good and to pave the way for Pinnochio to climb to the top....isn't that a miracle for a petty member of the defunct Hindu Congress?

Now for the second miracle....God forbid! It may be the reign of the upcoming nearly became UK High Commissioner and the other is about to become the Queen Regent, without whose assent fiston..... is incapable of any decision!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Miracles from the Sun Trust perspective...