Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bridge Crossing

Ramgoolam apparently doesn't know yet who is gonna be his Finance Minister in the next general elections and has refused to confirm that it will be Sithanen. That's bad news for the latter and seems to confirm that his economic policies are a big electoral liability for the current PM. Gone are the days when Sithanen was the first and only candidate to be guaranteed ministerial responsibilities by the same Ramgoolam when they were in the opposition before July 2005.

But that could be just another gimmick by Ramgoolam who is buying some time after seeing his political options dwindle as more and more people understand how Sithanen's policies have been bad for a majority of our fellow citizens. Still, I would not be surprised at all if Ramgoolam crossed that bridge with Sithanen on his back. The last bridge is of course always crossed by the voters who will then decide who if anyone of the two makes it to the other end.

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