Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Space Will Make Us Better Than Singapore

So said Ramgoolam last week. While it's a fact that Mauritius is 2.86 times bigger than Singapore (2,030 square kilometres vs. 710.2 square kilometres for the Asian Tiger) they use their space infinitely better than we do. For example, let's consider the number of tourists in 2008: we welcomed 930,456 of them while they got 10.12 million. Hmm, that works out to about 458 tourists per square kilometre for us and a staggering 14,243 for them. That is they had 31 times more visitors per square kilometre than us.

He also doesn't want us to believe that nepotism is the only route to a job in Mauritius. Can he then tell us how many routes are there to become Chief Executives of Air Mauritius and Mauritius Telecom and Financial Secretary?

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Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

A good interview. But let's see the outcomes.