Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Drafting of Bill Not Exactly Difficult

Which is why the first draft of the constitution amendment bill is already ready. In fact the State Law Office has a draft person that does precisely that and getting help from Victor Glover -- the former Chief Justice and not the astronaut candidate -- surely must not hurt.

Drafting a bill is an entirely mechanical process as Victor Glover reminded us twice. The first as recently as a week when he said all that he needed are drafting instructions. So if the political sweethearts of River Walk -- Ramgoolam and Berenger -- want him to draft laws that will throw us into a plutocracy he'll happily do it. For a fee. Doesn't mean that he agrees with the consequences -- it's like the PBB of that guy from the other planet -- of what he is being asked to help draft. But he will do it. And he can do it pretty fast. The second time was about a year ago when he told us that he had pronounced the death penalty in his previous manifestation as a judge on two occasions. Despite being personally against this type of sentence. See a judge doesn't make the laws, he just applies them.

The snag of course is that a bill has to be consistent with the supreme law of the land: our constitution. Otherwise some or all of it can be declared void. Which is what two experienced lawyers are saying: if leaders start picking MPs we're not a democracy anymore and hence the word democracy has to be removed from article 1 of our constitution. And probably replaced by plutocracy.

Laws can be made consistent with the constitution but that doesn't make them right. Like during apartheid in South Africa.


akagugo said...

Not only experienced lawyers, but also those who have actively and selflessly pursued their own political careers 'lor koltar'.

The consultations have been reduced to a mockery-level 1 month, and now the committee for writing up the thing is made up of one pro-Red Alan and failed-trickle-down-wallah Rama to help out the "tell-me-what-to-do-I'll-blindly-execute-it" robot - mind you, he first said he needed only two days, now it's time-at-large.

The whole thing reeks of a mighty, facepalm-worthy waste of energy by two ego-trippers desperate for clinging on to their bling lifestyle - when did any one of these parties put this thing on their agenda? Why is it so urgent to put parliament on hold and work on this rushed affair? We know how these rushed things - like the fluo jackets for two-wheelers imploded - usually end up in crap, but we don't learn.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

A mockery indeed. The committee definitely needs more dissent.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Jack finn konpran mari gro danze kan azut reform bidon Sithanen ek flat tax.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Tiena banalizasyon konstitisyon an 2014 usi. Ek banalizasyon fiscalite a partir 2006.