Monday, January 21, 2013

Former MK Boss Explains How He Was Fired

This was in an interesting interview which appeared yesterday. He's talking now two years after the event because he is suing his former employer and was bound by a contract clause.

Another interview worth reading is that of former Chief Justice Victor Glover who thinks that Justice Balancy shouldn't give 3-page interviews every 3 weeks.

Any comments?


akagugo said...

In Victor Glover's interview:

R: ..."L’article 22 n’évoque pas la vie privée, mais l’« intimité de la vie privée », ce qui est tout à fait différent.

Q: Quelle différence faites vous ?

R: L’intimité de la vie privée, c’est ce qui passe à l’intérieur de vous, dans votre corps, votre état de santé par exemple. C’est ce qui se passe chez vous, vos querelles de ménage. Si un monsieur a trois maîtresses, cela ne relève pas de l’intimité de sa vie privée. Les relations sexuelles d’un homme avec sa secrétaire, c’est la même chose.

L’intimité, c’est chez soi, avec son épouse."


But, he says his wife has had enough of "la tournée des cocktails trois fois par semaine. J’ai fait ça pendant dix ans, ça suffit».
So, in the same interview, he says a judge suffers from work overload and doesn't have time to meet other judges for discussing the advancement of the profession, and then curiously has time for "la tournée des cocktails", and this, thrice weekly? He's probably not agreeable that Balancy compensates the lack of invitations to these 3-times-per-week cocktails by doing interviews... 3-page long, every 3 weeks.

On another plane, the octogenarian says that he can become a Chief Judge, but another octogenarian can't become Prime Minister again...? I'd like to know from where he measures the efficiency of octogenarians.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Donk ratio la se 1 paz pu sak 3 kokteyl ki Balancy pa ale?

Enn paragraf pu sak bulet krevet ki li pa manze?

Bon SAJ ti prezidan usi... eski enn ansyen prezidan bizin real lor kes savon...?

akagugo said...

The ratio's that you've derived is empirical evidence of some people's ego: some professions imply a decorum, an etiquette, a "devoir de réserve" which the holder shold have learned from school itself. This applies to SAJ also. Both have the same problem: they can be top-brass academically and professionally, but their conduct show a blatant lack of real education: poise, composure, "retenue", is what one expects from those who hold high-profile jobs. Mem an lor, drom vid...

akagugo said...

Hey, Eddy's giving backhand slaps to the juniors! Which is quite welcome, given the sense of entitlement these people seem to display when showing condescendance in delaing with other mere mortals...