Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012: The Year in Review

January: PM thinks we should benchmark against Trinidad & Tobago, a country which had an income level per capita similar to ours when he first became PM but which now has one twice ours. Messi grabs third consecutive Ballon d'Or. France loses AAA rating. Jaufeerally pleads for end of growth worship. Photo-giant Kodak files for bankruptcy. Journalist helps democracy work better. Sithanen's electoral reform proposal makes a travesty of our democracy. Disinterested alternative presented.

February: University students unconvinced by Sithanen's proposal. 75% of poll don't want their Ministers unelected. CWA applies harsher cuts, after downpour. Whitney Houston found dead in hotel room. A380 has cracks in wings. Chuttoo organises debate on political financing. Riots break out in Reunion over cost of living. Somalian pirates to be tried in Mauritius.

March: iPad 3 unveiled. Foreign military parades on March 12. MPC undergoes makeover. Country crying for 3 leaders. Things get ugly atop republic. Chagos petition appear doomed. SAJ drags Reduit into partisan politics.

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