Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How State Can Fight Brain Drain

By giving tax breaks to companies who provide Mauritians with decent and meaningful work. And by seriously limiting the number and type of jobs that can be filled by foreigners. Because Mauritius got talent. Lots of it. But first the Government has to restore enough progressiveness in our tax structure to regain potency.


akagugo said...

What was Shakeel implying when saying this:
"Si ena possibilité alle travail dehors allé ! Et arrêt écoute ca mentalité fermée et rétrograde de certains dimounes ki dire non pas alle travaille dehors akoz zot pu loin ou akoz faire frais dehors..."

Let alone the tone with which he stated the above, he fails to recall that Mauritian qualifications, especially UoM's degrees are not accredited anywhere and you would need lots of patience to get your papers aligned to international standards.

In any case, what is the minister implying about government policies for job creation?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

We should have been able to create meaningful jobs for our youth and fight brain drain with the right policies.

But that's simply not possible with ferocious bean-counters around...

And don't forget to add 3% to the unemployment figures to get closer to reality.

Btw, how difficult would it be to get accreditation? Can't anyone zero in on where the shoe is pinching?