Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MEF Wants To Resume Talks About Decent Work

This comes right after Minister Shakeel Mohamed pointed an accusing finger at the Mauritius Employers Federation for the failure of Mauritius to ratify the Decent Work Country Program.

Well you can't really blame the MEF: they've been way too busy promoting the indecent rupee depreciation program for so long.

But it's great that the talks are set to start anew.


akagugo said...

Maybe because some of their most vocal members are still having obscene visions about our rupee...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

They seem to be forgetting that profitability also depends on volume sold as well as pricing power which is a function of market structure and brand appreciation.

Their model is let's depreciate the rupee and allow us to hire as many foreign labour as possible. After branding Mauritian labour as lazy and what not.

We should instead go for jobs that allow Mauritians to get a decent living along with a stable/midly appreciating rupee. We can do it!

akagugo said...

"along with a stable/midly appreciating rupee."

In fact, if I remember, depreciation has an infinitely spiralling effect on the economy.

Er, may I suggest that we let it appreciate until in reaches some kind of parity with 'strong' currencies? A kind of reverse shock doctrine... :-)

akagugo said...

Could we ask our new minister of labour his stance and plan on this growing phenomenon of 'gig economy' aka modern slavery?