Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not A Black Swan Event

Sithanen on the next-to-last page of his additional stimulus package document said that Mauritius was experiencing a Black Swan Phenomenon and has been repeating this lie along with a string of others quite often since December last. Nothing could be further from the truth because for an event to be classified as a Black Swan it must not only have a big impact but it must also be highly improbable.

The mess Mauritius got itself into was highly predictable (we've been writing about this since 2005) and has been essentially the work of two little men: Sithanen who has been collecting blunders on a hugely toxic scale and Navin Ramgoolam who has demonstrated languid leadership at best in failing to stop the bean-counter.

Black Swan event? No. Black Paul event? Yes.

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Anonymous said...

The real Black Swan is Black Paul himself. At least to those who failed to notice his toxic elements previously.