Monday, May 25, 2009

National Poverty Council

That would be a more fitting name for the National Pay Council because it has been an important cog in the wheel Sithanen and Mansoor have been using to cheat the workers of this country. Here's how they've been doing it:
  1. Create a lot of inflation as soon as possible
  2. Add three controversial criteria so that the disconnect between increases in the cost of living and salary compensation is as large as possible
  3. Keep inflation into double digits or high enough for as long as possible
That's despite the conclusion of Sithanen's own masters, the IMF, that increases in the average salary in Mauritius have been about 1/2 the level of inflation. As expected this has soured industrial relations given all the poverty that these retrograde policies have caused. Sithanen's opaque machinery of doling out tons of taxpayers' money to the chosen few has not helped either.

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