Sunday, November 30, 2008

Independent Study Says Middle-Class Worse Off With Flat Tax

A presentation of that interesting study confirms what anybody endowed with a little bit of intelligence knew from the start: temporarily removing people from the tax net doesn't make them necessarily better off if they get clobbered with double-digit inflation created deliberately especially if you also mess up their long-term plans carefully crafted with exemptions such as insurance policies, loans and pension plans.

The study by Ms. Kumari Juddoo and her colleagues at the University of Mauritius could certainly catch the attention of the next Finance Minister.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Something that's kind of obvious to anybody. Save toxic bean-counters and crypto-socialists.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I was looking for this post. Which is why I fired comments on a few others over the last little while.

So yeah, do you remember how Dr. Calamity dismissed that study? And here's an interesting article from Azad Jeetun on the impact of the flat tax on our fortunes over the last decade.