Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What's New on The Jag!

We shouldn't worry too much about Brexit. We better focus on the mess we're in. Including raising top tax rates and drastically improving our land use.

Lutchmeenaraidoo will not deliver a second miracle now that he's in another ministry. SAJ didn't either. And don't count on Pravind. Bringing some basic common sense back to policy-making is a good place to start.

Ramgoolam was way too vague about Labour's DNA during a rally organised to mark the LP's 80 birthday. We made it a lot more precise but not before checking how he did on the criteria he listed. It's not the first time Ramgoolam tries to go cerebral.

A good look at income distribution over a 20-year period. Helps answer the following question: who's the better cake-cutter?

Some politicians say that our youth got a skills mismatch. I disagree.

A quick look at the performance of Sithanen from a political perspective.

Enn ti lokasyon pu tiek mo kreol.

And here's a flash review of a few other pieces on The Jag!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brazil Crashes Out of Tiny Copa America Group

The Selecao drew against Ecuador, thrashed Haiti and lost against Peru. Things don't seem to have improved that much since Mineirazo two years ago. In spite of bringing Dunga back as manager. Brazil has been thoroughly unimpressive for a good many number of matches. You don't need to wonder how likely it will be for them to win the only prize that's missing in their quiver when they host the Olympics starting August 5 -- the football tournament begins two days earlier.

It is also surprising that Holland is not taking part in Euro 2016. Although they've played some really good football in South Africa six years ago.

But there could be more trouble ahead for the country of Pele, Garrincha, Jairzinho and Ronaldinho: they could be the last country to miss at least one World Cup in 2018. After six matches they currently rank 6th in their qualifying group which automatically sends the top four to Russia.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Trying To Remember Ali

It's kind of hard because he was one of those really larger-than-life personalities. And the fact that he was probably one of the most recognizable faces on earth in the pre-internet era gives an indication of how big a superstar he was. The world stopped to take in the news. Plenty's been written about the Champ. Paul Simon broke out the news to his audience just before completing "The Boxer". And here he is making a surprise appearance.

Mauritius About To Experience Aha Moment

And we should all thank Ivan Collendavelloo for it. See, since he announced that he wants to sell CWA for some bogus reasons people have spoken out. Starting with Sangeet Fowdar -- an MP from his own party -- who threatened to resign kare kare and provoke a by-election. Folks also wrote against the proposed strategic partnership business and now several union bosses have jumped on the bandwagon.

They are not only finding this idea totally stupid but are also bringing back the partial privatisation of Mauritius Telecom on the front burner. They really want to know how this has benefited Mauritius. That's a valid point because there was no good reason to go with this 2000 deal in the first place. Mauritius Telecom could have instead established a multi-billion rupee bond program back then. Which incidentally would have made our financial markets more sophisticated. And given interesting work to the growing number of our finance professionals.

We got Rs7 billion from France Telecom for 40% of MT but we need to see how much FT has been obtaining since the deal went through. In terms of dividends and other cash-flows sent abroad. And assess the effect on our balance of payments for the past decade and a half. It would also be interesting to find out about all the parties involved in this transaction and how much they got out of the deal. For good governance sake.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Union Very Disappointed With Former Adviser

How could they not be? Collendavelloo wants to privatise CWA. And that too after having been its legal adviser for at least two decades. If Government wants to sell CWA it should ask us voters about it in a referendum first. Or dissolve Parliament and ask us to put three little crosses again. ASAP.

One of the Union bosses reminded us that in 2000 SAJ cancelled the plans to privatise the utility. That costs us Rs30 million. Hmm, who was there before 2000?