Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How Our Standards Bureau Can Save Lives

By making sure, for example, that no buses that are unfit for our roads are allowed to operate. It seems strange that NTC buses kept having problems over several years yet they were not left in their garages.

Also I don't understand how in the past as many as 400 people have been victims of food-poisoning after eating from the same street vendor. That's just one example. There have been many.

Here's another one. Fans burning down houses and killing twins. Standards need to be rigorously enforced.


Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Next time you take a bus it might not be a bad idea if you carry some detergent with you.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Another example of what can happen when standards are not good enough.

akagugo said...

But our Plaisir, pardon, Health Minister sees it otherwise: he is still stuck in denial mode despite the numerous deaths from the surge in synthetic drug (ab)use. He should probably take example from Ikea, a private company which accepts that its designs, though 'indémodable', may not be perfect and duly warns of safety issues, whether it is about gates, bat-capes or chests (29 million of them, mind you! Despite 'only' six deaths) - because peoples' lives matter.
I'd like to add that the same glaring lack of concern prevails over the shambolic state of all infrastructure and the associated checking / enforcement of rules: did you see any change despite the Judges' ruling in the case of this citizen condemned to a wheelchair due to negligent maintenance of footpaths and other amenities...?
No - since everything boils down to cost savings, paying a fine to one is seen as much better than bringing comfort and safety to all. That is indeed a great mentality of our 'authorities', eh?
Enn bon kamwad ti p dirr: si mo bez lopital pa amenn pom-zoranz, mo preferr barquettes de Lu ek seedless grapes.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Apparently the MSB sees to it that international norms are adhered to (get the slider exactly over the middle of the google plus button).

Rishi Saccaram said...

Complying with MSB norms though is not exactly an easy thing to do,at least in one instance.A recent phone call to the Moka-based body reveals that the standards for a particular material can only be viewed in its documentation centre and that no copy whatsoever can be made of such vital information.So unless you belong to the likes of Alex Mullen, you have two options:Buy yourself a heap of almonds to add extra bytes to your memory or else wear your Google glasses before hopping in there.