Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hard-earned Anti-inflation Credibility At Risk

According to Governor Bheenick as inflation is expected to rise to around 6% by next year. And that's before the ridiculous 3.5% annual depreciation assumed in the recently presented budget. The soundbite also contains interesting insights into how the BOM tried to neutralise the increase in volatility in the forex markets caused by the irresponsible intervention of the National Resilience Fund -- which previously appeared as the Business Growth Fund.

Talk about a resilience fund, eh? It attacks our currency which makes 99% of us poorer. The pompous name is to try to fool us into believing that the extreme trickle-economics implemented since 2005 has worked. It has not.

We know that just by looking at the tax rates and growth rates over the last seven years.

Killer To Strike Again

This is a post that I was supposed to write for more than a year now. Since then many terrible accidents have happened. Including the one above ten days ago where three died. Far too many people are dying on our roads and the policy response has literally been nonexistent. We are instead wasting precious collective energy on bean-counting while putting irrelevant surveys like Doing Business on a costly pedestal.

So until things change and better vibrations bless our country you better watch out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How You Know A Politician is A Socialist

Pick the best answer.

a) he says so
b) he makes it a must of attending meetings of Socialist International
c) by looking at the tax structure

Jimi Turns 70

Thursday, November 22, 2012

44% of Poll See Sweep For Remake 2000

That's a big change from two years ago when nobody thought this was a possibility. At that time the A2A had won the general elections a few months earlier and SAJ was sitting pretty at Le Reduit. The latest poll also shows a big reduction in the odds of the Government winning all towns: from 23% to only 1%. 36% also think A2A will win between 1 and 2 towns down from 52%. True the samples are pretty small but we can measure its informational content in 17 days.

But first 130 villages will vote -- 22,726 more voters live in our villages than in our towns -- and this could have a bearing on the municipal elections. You can count on Ramgoolam for this.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Zlatan Christens Stadium With Wonder Goal

That was during the friendly against England. He also scored the other three goals. Gerrard who earned his 100th cap on the same night declared that bicycle kick the best he ever seen.

Here too we could groom our own little Zlatans if they spent a lot more time on the football pitch in primary school.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boolell Explains Romney's Defeat

And part of the explanation is that trickle-down economics doesn't work. Interesting. Would the Minister kindly then tell us (i) what has been tried in Mauritius since 2005 and (ii) whether it has worked? Sounds like a PQ, eh? But it's not. So I can ask this last part: (iii) is that consistent with the DNA of the Labour Party?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Elects World's Most Powerful Man Today

And the race is quite tight. Although Sandy helped Barack Obama get Mayor Bloomberg's endorsement. Colin Powell will also be voting for the Democrat candidate just like he did four years ago. The economy seemed to be doing better after eight years of irresponsible policies by W. which killed 9 million jobs.

The New Yorker has issued its voting recommendations. Americans are grappling with broadly the same issues that we are confronting here in Dodoland.

Go Barack! Go!

Friday, November 2, 2012

What's The Deal With The New ID Cards?

Lalit wants the contract with Singapore cancelled. Which is what the MMM has asked. Hmm, I missed these episodes. So this new thingy is going to cost a billion rupees but there are some privacy vs. efficiency issues. Here's what I found.

P.S. The poll on municipal elections doesn't seem to be keeping the votes for long. Dunno why. Sorry about that.

Satan To Get A Beating

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kisann-la Pu Gagn Eleksyon Minisipal?

Li pu enn test mi-manda pu guvernman ek enn indikasyon lafors remake 2000. Guvernman so politik ekonomik depi 2005 finn enn katastrof. Sirtu politik fiskal finn gangrenn nu pei. Problem se ki lopozisyon pli interese rant dan guvernman ki pran puvwar ek sanz politik ekonomik pagla.

Ramgoolam usi finn enn PM bien bien feb. Komie manda li bizin pu rezud problem pei? Enkor 12? XLD dapre lord pe senti li bien bien for. Li merit enn nuvo pri parski kan un deza tann enn minis de finans atak deviz so prop pei? Pa enn move lide u relir serman ki minis fer.

Anu gete ki lelektora pu dir... En atandan u kav vote dan nu dernye sondaz lor