Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Singapore's PM To Take 36% Pay Cut

As per the recommendation of the committee set up to review the salaries that are needed to buy Singapore the kind of leadership that will deliver the high performance that Singaporeans expect. Interesting concepts in there including a GDP bonus -- a maximum of 2 months salary if GDP growth is higher than 8% -- and attention to income distribution.

Will Ramgoolam deliver better outcomes if we pay him more?

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akagugo said...

What? If we dared suggest to pay him less, and he'd use the "sarétt béf" argument.

But if we pay him more, can we ask for a kind of Performance Bond - just like contractors and suppliers have to include in their contract: if you don't perform, the client cashes in against your bond - from the guy? Or a kind of insurance against misperformance (professional indemnity), the kind that engineers have to subscribe to in order to qualify for practice for the government?

Sorry, too much to ask for the guy - who knows, he may barter with us in cartons of Blue Label...?