Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Sarkozy Wanted To Be Evaluated

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Anonymous9 said...

Wow, blog updated- working on sunday too!

Just wanted to leave a THANK YOU message as a grateful citizen for all the insightful truths regarding politics, economics and society.

I feel that devoting time and energy (life!)to this is as strong patriotism as going to war for one's country.

I just hope good comes back to you as a result of this.

I met you only once and recall you mentioning in a conversation that u r among people who sleep least and work most. A quick mental check on the spot restated that definitely the rewards(money and success) of work were not strong enough reasons for me not to go to sleep early and a lot....By the way, I shamelessly failed the CFA level 0

But I do everyday stand up, very often against authority, for honesty and justice

I don't have the energy to read so much and I really admire the effort that u r willing to put in bringing justice in your own way.