Friday, July 8, 2011

168-Year Old Newspaper Closed

By the Murdoch family. News of the World apparently hacked phones of thousands of people and paid police to get private information. Andy Coulson, its former editor and until recently the chief spokesman for the British Prime Minister is expected to be arrested today.


Anonymous said...

So shocking! By the way, you think things like this do not happen over here?

akagugo said...

Why this "lagazett" had to be closed down for good.

I don't know how far this may or may not happen here in Dodoland, but the level of accuracy of some press reports about some events is mind-boggling, to say the least. "Le Mag" comes to my mind when thinking about it.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

What was the deal with Le Mag?

akagugo said...

Well, I remember that I started taking interest in what was happening in Dodoland at about the time I was preparing for SC. And when discussing with some of my seniors, it came to us that Le Mag had the uncanny behaviour of publishing articles revealing many very accurate reports (correct me if I'm wrong: including the one incriminating Dayal's 'management' of procurement contracts and concluding the article about the lavish lunch preceding the signature of one particular procurement contract by a sarcastic: "That's life!") without getting into trouble... How on earth could it have had access to this kind of information?
And then, for some obscrure reason, Le Mag disappeared.
For the time being, you can sporadically find some articles attempting to throw mud on a particular construction company with details that come straight from supposedly confidential tender documents... But how come they always stop short of reporting it to ICAC with their "facts"?