Thursday, June 30, 2011

Deerpalsing Wants A Planning Unit Under PMO

Essentially for the same reason it's the PM who appoints the Governor of the Central Bank. If the latter produces too much inflation by giving in to the GLDs who love the worst enemy of the poor the former's political position may weaken. In fact that's the case with all positions of huge responsibility: we have seen how two bean-counters have squandered Ramgoolam's historic 2005 majority.

It's all about picking the right people and avoiding groupthink at all cost. Stuff that leaders should excel at.

Looks like we've regressed by half a century.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am not impressed anymore listening to this woman!Next I will vote Lalit

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ti vot Nita parski u ti kwar li enn kominis?

Wai, dan se ka bizin vot Lalit lot kut. Fer remark ki Ram usi met savat leponz selma li pa nek repet sa kuma enn pul ki ponn ek presyon.

Anonymous said...

Nope, what I am saying is that Nita's talk doesnt carry any weight anymore. Not convincing anymore......she's as bad as the others.....

I will vote Lalit despite seeing Dr Ram's dissapointing performance on TV when Jozzzepth was here to practice his Lafontaine's Le Renard et le Corbeau with us. As you know he won! Ram could have given all those on TV that day a good kick, but he was wearing slippers as we all saw.

Anonymous said...

Deerpalsing pretends Ramgoolam is credible, this show will not last for long.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Bad as the others? Pa tro sir. Eski si mo demann u fer enn lalis bann depite parleman ent 2005 ek 2010 ek ki zot inn fer u pu kav? Mo pense pa. U kone kifer? Parksi enn pake pann fer nanye -- ena kit fwa preske zame finn uver la bus mem.

Nita kan mem nun truv li pran pozisyon lor enn sertin nomb dosyer. Mo tiava kontan truv li enkor plis aktif.

Kitfwa bizin fer enn lekurs kisana parmi nu bann lider kredib. Possib pu bizin fotofinish pu departaz zot.

Anonymous said...

Kan Nita prend action ou ouvert so labouche contre stupidite NR, a ce moment la mo va felicite li.
Ramgoolam, pas oubiler, li 'part of the problem' 'not the solution'.

Et si ou pas p realiser, Nita p flat Ramgoolam just as anyone in the Ptr!!

Mo pas cynique moi, mais mo penser Nita p faire un show, pauvre diable la, li na penan choix.

dans un democratie vivant, Ptr ti pou finit change leadership long time ago!

Anonymous said...

Ki pli bon? Depite ki flat NR ek pa fer nanye ubyen seki flat NR me fer kitsoz kanmem?

Wai. Ka Berenger usi byen grav. Komye letan li lider la? MSM pli bon?