Sunday, May 1, 2011

MP Victim of Protocol Faux Pas

That happened on Thursday during a function organised for India's President. MP Aurore Perraud broke down when she was denied the red carpet and a seat, at least initially, with fellow MPs.

Some people have been quick to say it's because of her braids and have reduced the matter to a race issue. Just like they waste little time to accuse us Mauritians of disliking both Paul Berenger and Rama Sithanen not because we disagree with their regressive plans for our country but because we have a serious problem with their skin colours. That even though these two politicians don't exactly have the same skin pigmentation.

I rather think that people may genuinely not know Ms Perraud because she's way too quiet in the Parliament and she's been there for only one year. Bet you that the Passport Office has a solution to prevent these kind of incidents from happening again.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you, she is simply not well known, besides why didnt they give attendees a card with their name and photo etc.....bunch of idiots thay are.....zenfants p roule ile moris, ki fois ti zenfants capave faire mieux.

zordi meme nita deerlasping p cause lor radio - coument dire un discussion dans classe lecole. maru pays ca

akagugo said...

Another way of seeing how politicians can be opportunistic.

And what about recent non-issue of ethnic representation on the Board of State bodies (the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Disciplined Forces Service Commission (DFSC)), we've seen all sorts of opportunists again bent on seeing everything through the ethnic prism. Even WIN/WIP and Media Watch woke up from their coma to bark for their 'boutt'.

Now that the unofficial/unwritten rule of ethnic quota is being officially enforced, should we go along the lines of what Lindsay Morvan says ("kan kikenn pas trouv li vizib okenn par, li enn injustis"), and ask for a representative of ALL ethnic (and whatever, preferably noisy) groups constituting the fabric of Mauritian society...? Then absolutely all government bodies should be actively throwing out those whose numbers exceed the newly established quota...? And everywhere else in State bodies...? And what about those of mixed origins...?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Pa ti pu mal: lerla kav sans ki mo represant moris pu 100m dan sampiona mondio ti pu ogmenter (avoy mwa pa Stephan). Be selma ena sa bann minima la pu pase. Kitfwa ka explik IAAF ki isi nu kwar buku dan kota. ;-)

Bann la koz Lost Decade pu Zapon. Isi mo kwar nun perdi trwa fwa plis. Move gaspiyaz dan tu sort fason.

Wai, pe rod kota dan enn pei multirasyal (inn fer enn zoli zardin kumsa vinn multirasys). Aaarrrgggghhhhh.