Sunday, July 11, 2010

Win Rs60,000 By Explaining Where The Repo Rate Should Be

I just saw that the Central Bank was organising a monetary policy challenge. You need to team up with three people and submit your analysis no later than August 16.

That's an interesting initiative from the bank's Financial Literacy Committee to raise the level of debate surrounding monetary policy. In fact it's the fourth edition of that challenge. I don't understand how I missed that. Anyway here's last year's winners.

I wonder if Mr. Berenger will participate. He could indeed team up with let's say Ganoo, Cuttaree and Bhagwan.


Anonymous said...

why not a pravin, mansoor and navin team?

Anonymous said...

and Kee Chong as the fourth member as he does not look too happy in the MMM.

Anonymous said...

b enore critique berenger meme la? ab pravin pas encore faire narien meme la, 2 months la paye li finne recevoir. en en plus li entourer avec mansoor ki supposer aide li vite vite puisque li pas conn narien dans finance.

la pas connais qui ramgoolam pou dire lor raport audit la, li meme ti PM last 5 years et tout ca gaspillage la zot meme zot finne faire.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I wonder if they still have that competition. If they did some people would win the prize by walkover.