Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Are Quick To Find Spurious Links

Here's one. 7 out 11 laureates of this year's vintage from our prestigious Queen Elizabeth College moved there after their school certificate so this is proof that splitting secondary school admissions into tiny regions works. 

Not exactly. What this shows is that part of Obeegadoo's reform merely prevented our smartest high-school students to enjoy each other's company. Or if you prefer increasing the number of schools students would have to change. That kind of also shows that the MMM has been brain dead for a long time now.


The Rebel said...

Exquisitely dissected Sanjay. Obeegadoo solved a first flaw by building more secondary schools, sometimes even blindly. Bunwaree is mending the other major defect by multiplying around tenfold the state scholarships offered. Otherwise, the students are bound to converge wherever their chances of grabbing a state scholarship is higher, even if it involves leaving behind 5 years of their schooling.

This also confirms that Gokhool was a world class misfit.'World Class Education' should actually be the next brick to the reform plans given a notice of two years is required to scrap the prevailing state scholarships system.

Bunwaree is still ambiguous on how to maintain the elite though. He should also disclose the behemoth taxpayer funds flushed in oblivion by being sorely lax in managing the payback of bonds signed by scholarship winners.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Not too sure Gokhool is a world class misfit as the pro-MMM press would have us believe.

Many of the assumptions of Obeegadoo don't hold any water.

The Rebel said...

Gokhool's stint at the MOE was mostly unproductive. His leitmotiv was only World Class Education and he seemed to have blinkers on.

Even Bunwaree hasn't recycled any of his ideas and mentioning Gokhool at the IVTB is similar to mentioning the Dark Lord's name in Harry Potter.

Gokhool is faring decently as the Industry Minister.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I agree he could have done more.But government did keep the selective ranking reintroduced by Gokhool. So ur statement is not totally accurate.

I don't think Obeegadoo was a better MOE than Gokhool although we have to give him credit for building the schools which Parsuramen did not over a 13-year period. By the way, what do we have to remember of the Parsuramen years -- especially given that they coincided with the so-called miracle?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Dharam debunking MMM's apparent monopoly of common sense.