Saturday, February 13, 2010

VAT Hike Reduced Teacher-Pupil Ratio By 16%

Yep, under Federation 2 the ratio fell from 36 to 30 at the primary level and from 19 to 16 at the secondary one. Smaller classes must have made teaching easier and the case for private tuition a little more ridiculous than it already was.

Still, there are a couple of things that should puzzle you:

1. If we built so many schools recently and given that we had already defused the demographic bomb back in 1973 there must have been a period when some ministers sat on their hands? Any idea what effect this had on the stress level of end-of-primary children?

2. And if no major public infrastructural project was carried out since July 2005 why did we have to keep VAT at 15%?

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Kozémotandé said...

The light railway transit system has been put away without a convincing reason. The road network has not progressed significantly in terms of kilometers. There was no new hospital. The last major infrastructural project was the Midlands Dam. In the meantime inaddition to VAT 15, new taxes were introduced. Will someone tell us what the capital budgets were meant for and where the money was spent?