Monday, February 15, 2010

Note From Kozelidir Fan Captures Mood of Nation

As far as one editorial published yesterday goes:

Saint Ali
Oh, pourquoi, pourquoi?
Toi le plus intelligent de tous
Pourquoi, pourquoi, on t'en veut autant?
Mon pauvre cheri
T'inquiete, je suis la


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, for example I read that article in l'express about Ali by Mr J.C.D.L and was just baffled. Let me explain - I have always had this opinion that the quality of our local press(across the board)has a sad degree of wordiness....well but this essay was just a puf off - have you seen the way it starts off.....educated in the prestigious etc etc, worked for the FMI...(some people mistake the IMF for NASA). Have we not outgrown this by now. Hello Hello....empty ulogizing is boring!

Kozémotandé said...

It is no secret by now that l'Express is pro-Sithanen, therefore pro-Mansoor. Not because they love them but because they have both espoused neo-liberalism as their mantra and their editorial line respectively.

Kow Kow said...

L'Express is merely the mouthpiece of historical Big Biz. All in all, it constitutes a lethal axis,as far as general interest is concerned. It will embrace wholeheartedly the cheerleaders-cum-enablers (Paul MMM, Black Paul, Pierre DCDM, Ali, Eric Ng,Malenn, etc.)while deliberately demonising refuseniks (Jeetha, Nita, Bheenick, etc.).

Kozémotandé said...

The press as an institution and as the fourth pillar of democracy is in real danger of collapse and no one is talking about it. We can no longer rely on the press to make its mea-culpa. They have failed miserably. Civil society must take the lead by asking questions, by reminding them of the basic principles and responsibilities of a free press and by monitoring their actions. Otherwise Big Biz and Socio-cultural groups will fill the vaccum and everybody knows the likely consequences of such a tragedy.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

God bless blogosphere!

Pipol said...

Kow Kow Hola! Toi oublie un autre Galactikos en Georges Chung!

Kranti said...

Mr JCDL'E should come forward with his agenda.
His presence at MMM's functions!
His paper's case against the State!
His sudden liking for Michael Ali Mansoor's ways of doing things!
His being at the head of Empowerment Programme, nominated by LP's Govt!
His leaving the Empowerment Programme!
His "bilan" at Empowerment Programme!
Plz let us read you in Who's Who?