Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lutchmeenaraidoo To Hire Best and Brightest

Irrespective of their political bent once they're in government. So he said in an interview yesterday. That's kind of refreshing to hear. And that's very different from what Navin Ramgoolam has been doing since July 2005: getting the worst from the MMM to play (or is it to not play?) important roles in the running of Mauritius.

No wonder our country has gotten itself into such a bad shape.


Mevin said...

Lutchmeenaraidoo is excellent at politiconomics and still think that we are in the 80s, will not be giving much weight in what he is saying, i.e, gambling in gold reserves. It should be compulsory for politicians to hold a minimum of proficiency in politics, some kind of diploma / degree as we need managers and not politics to get this country to higher levels,and as long as the 'prince du jour' will be doing scientific communalism whilst forming the team to face the elections, this country will not go far as we will always be having some +50% of no-goods and nuts managing the affairs of the country It would have been better to employ foreigners as ministers and surely this would help a lot in improving our lives as even replacing Sithanen by any other self proclaimed genius will not help, in this racist country ...

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Am sure there are lots of nuts among foreigners too. I'd rather have good Minister-managers irrespective of their nationality.

I doubt Lutchmeenaraidoo will be able to do a lot especially with a toxic leader breathing over his shoulders. Still, we have to give me some credit for not doing anything really stupid when he was Finance Minister. That's in stark contrast with Sithanen.