Monday, November 30, 2009

Street-Level Board Members And Weak Rupee: Any Links?

It's not a secret that Bheenick has held firm against completely outlandish requests from a few greedy and crazy exporters to brutally depreciate our rupee over the last couple of years. There are now some fresh new demands to let our currency head south.

And they come on the coattails of rather bizarre behaviour from a group of board members who seemed determined to undermine the Governor.

Is that a coincidence?


Mevin said...

What's funny with this guy is when he comes up with impressive statements on the economy portraying himself as the local Trichet or Bernanke when other reliable sources, like MCB focus or CSO have already given their comments, come on Bheenick you are not that great, surely if he competes with Sithanen on 'vartardise' there would be a dead heat and though you may be having some positive contribution to the monetary policy, you should not be thinking that all these fuss on you is out of proporion, 'pas de fumee sans feu' and surely the employees will be very happy if you step down, based on your unpopular way of managing things

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Some comments of Bheenick stem from the fact that the Bank of Mauritius receives some data before everyone, including the CSO.

I think he's been working in difficult circumstances as the Finance Minister nominates a majority of members on the Board of Directors.

Sithanen has created a lot of poverty and inequality and a lot of giga-skeletons. The only place where he has not been able to apply the full genius of his reverse Midas touch is in depreciating our currency for no good reason whatsover.