Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sithanen vs. Sithanen

How does the current Sithanen compare with the Sithanen of the momem meyer vintage? Not too well am afraid. First of all growth has been lower by half a percent every year. Which makes you wonder what has been the effect on our economy of Rs30 billion of FDI we received in the last three years given that only about Rs1 billion FDI poured into Mauritius during the first stint of the Doctor.

Rama has also created a lot of poverty each time he has been around. He has even accelerated the rate at which poverty is created by close to 150 basis points on average every year since July 2005. The memories of savat leponz and gato pima seem to have faded beneath the sands of time.


mamoujee said...

Why not too well?

I think it confirms perfectly the predictions of the best economist we've had at the helm of this daal-chawal land.

FM 1 was the guy who said that if we leave the economy in the hands of a " chomeur professionnel " like Navin, it will go down the drain.

FM 2 is now the guy who proves FM1 ( ie his better self...momem meyer) unambiguously right, we are in the shits, inside the drains !

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

The sooner he is ejected from parliament, the better for our country.