Sunday, May 31, 2009

Minister Damages Island's Reputation

Rama Sithanen has recently been saying that he's trying hard to prevent us from going into the IMF's ICU. That's inconsistent with a bumper crop, don't you think? And that will definitely make potential investors, local as well as foreign, quite edgy because when a country goes into the loan shark's mouth that ain't exactly a walk in the park. Do I need to elaborate on what this irresponsible statement will do to the psyche of the population already severely impoverished by the finance minister?

Of course, how could we not go into the IMF's ICU when that seems to have been the final and only objective of the man who sported the ancestor of havaianas till the age of 16. Indeed he brought in a charge nurse from Bretton Woods, opened an ICU of the riot-producing institutions in Port-Louis, borrowed billions of rupees we don't need from them and has been implementing policies that seem to come straight from a letter of intent which Mauritius never signed and which are designed to bring our country to its knees. Does Ramgoolam know he's the leader of the Labour Party?


Anonymous said...

You saw that coming a long time ago, did not you Mr. Jagatsingh?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Ala kikenn ki pann aval trip sok extern hook line and sinker.