Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Economic Kidnapping

That's how you could christen what a few whiners of Mauritius Inc. have been trying to do. Having a neocon as Sithanen as Minister of Finance makes their task incredibly easy. Having a civil society that gets stronger by the day doesn't. Achtung!: you may want to pinch your nose before reading this.

  1. They were asking workers to give up this year's compensation so as to save their jobs.
  2. They were also asking for taxpayers' money so that they don't sack people. But they offer no guarantees that they will not lay off anybody even after receiving our money.
  3. A few had even the indecency of asking for public funds even though they were doing alright. They wanted these handouts just in case they might get into trouble. Which gives you a hint of their entrepreneurial ability.
Naturally they wanted all of this over and above the inequality-creating flat tax and a persistent depreciation of our rupee they already received. They want everyday to be Christmas.


Seolid said...

I just imagine seeing Sithanen opening the Midland Dam's gate valve manually and trying to close it while the water is flowing out.

Lately i've read somewhere that even taxi drivers' association were asking for stimulus package. dohh!!!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

So Seolid, are you saying that a couple of gato pimas in the pipe wouldn't do the trick? How about using a savat leponz to try to block the water?

Seolid said...

They've found a new device : blacklisting.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

That's Ramgoolam idea. Can't figure out how he will enforce that if he is in the opposition as from 2010.