Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The British Investor is Not Going To Singapore

In an interview with Deepa Bhookun yesterday Sithanen mentioned that a British investor was transferring his operations to Bangladesh and India because we had become more expensive, the pound had depreciated, blah blah blah. The Minister told l'express that he had failed to convince the guy to stay even after dangling the additional stimulus package card. No big surprise here.

It's not the first time nor the last that an entrepreneur will shut down her operations and go elsewhere. They will move to other locations which are compatible with the sophistication of their businesses when it's profitable for them to do so. Likewise our government should encourage an economic structure which is appropriate for the extraordinary gifts with which the beautiful people of Mauritius have been endowed. That's too much for Sithanen and Ramgoolam to understand.


Anonymous said...

Sithanen got this remarks once during an international meeting- ' mauritius makes as if she is the most beautiful girl in town' and for any person this is the only 50 by 60 kms country that has taken more than 20 yeas to plan a road network and yet it had a miracle . Yes we have created middle class but havent we left the mind behind to low end. The biggest of joke is the Financial Secretary cruising the whole world for adjustement money (to no avail) and the at the same time having the big banks and other 'long standing' blood suckers derive astro-profits. And yes the PBB - how can experts from the failed world bank drive this- they were on the other end - advocators for a lost Africa and never implementers. no need to be on the moon to see that simple smart things work better for our little paradise. Only we have to do the right tasks - not by beating the wrong donkeys aloud.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I totally agree. Sithanen wants us to believe that the staff of the Ministry of Finance know less about Mauritius than someone who spent too much time on another planet. Worse, at the World Bank.