Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mauritian Couple Abducted in Tana

Benoit Ng and wife Maureen were kidnapped on Sunday. And the nappers are asking about Rs4 million to set their hostages free. Surprisingly, the Foreign Affairs Minister has asked the French and American authorities for help in conducting a ground operation.

Isn't that our GIPM's cup of tea?

As if there are no Ninjas in Mauritius who could go there and sort this thing out. Tana is after all in our neighbourhood.


akagugo said...

"Isn't that our GIPM's cup of tea?"

Er... with all respect, Sir, you should not believe everything you see on TV, Sir. Because the high-thrill drills they show from time to time is only for pleasing the eyes and inflating the egoes of some happy few Dayal-wannabes...

Else, if all of it was actually true, then how come our local police can't even venture to patrol some "sensitive" regions, can't even weed out internally crooks, suicidals, murderers, rapists, and pedophiles? They can't even patrol our own territorial waters!

Our local GIPM is not prepared at all to be sent there: ignorance of local language and customs, no undercover agents, no intelligence on the matter, etc... No, sending them there would be equivalent to sending Don Quixote recover an imaginary holy grail of some sorts. And in that cup of tea, they'd sink and drown!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

I am sure there are good people doing a good job in these units.

You can have the best cops in the world but if economic policies are screwing up neighborhoods big time there is little policing will be able to do.

We should provide them with good equipment to patrol the 2 million square kilometers of our EEZ. The NCG used to travel quite a bit before. Haven't heard them for some time now. Maybe they've been coerced into venerating some dumb working paper.

akagugo said...

Arvind parle beaucoup pour ne rien dire, mais confirme sa grandissante maitrise de la langue de bois (de rose?).

"I am sure there are good people doing a good job in these units."
Ah, I beg to differ: I've been brought to report 7 (seven) misdemeanours (people taking my things away without my permission, the most recent being at Jumbo on 27 December 2011) over the last 5 years, and none (NONE) of these cases have seen any resolution. I have plenty to reproach to our Police force's "tabagie-style" of doing things, and I'm very much inclined (given that my father spent 34 years in, as he affectionately calls it, "La Force") to say that the best (and in the good books of you-know-who are reserved for the VIPSU and the others assigned to the meanest of assignments - patrolling chic lcoations like what we saw on M6, preferably at night, or sent to break their teeth on, say, fake CD vendors.

Good people doing good job, probably at the passport office, but not for enforcing the simple laws that make everyone's life safer and which earns you respect when you wear that uniform - remember that grey one :-)

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Mo kompatir ek u move lexperiens. Nempes ki ena krim pe resolir ek kontravensyon pe kontinye pran. Se sir kav amelyore.

Wai, mo sipoze kan finn freeze u promosyon pendan 2 banane ek u bizin al lakur pu gagn gain de koz u pa siper motive.

Paglanomics vinn instal enn latmosfer morbid dan nu pei.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

Interesting article on how better policing has helped avoid a dire prediction. So far.