Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mauritius Says No To Wicked Plan of Scheming Trio

By booting Ramgoolam out of power, barely keeping Berenger in the Opposition for a third straight term -- but not before showing him who's the real boss in No.19 -- and preventing Sithanen from getting into Parliament. In what are probably the most important general elections since those that made us an independent country 47 years ago.

So yeah, Mauritian voters have sent a loud and clear message to politicians that they don't want anybody to mess up their constitution and electoral system and that they want the policies which have been creating a huge amount of poverty since 2005 -- due to a massive ministerial skills mismatch -- to end immediately.

They might have voted quite differently if these important issues had not been lumped together with the normal business of electing a government. And if no 84-year old fox had been there to capitalise on this monumental political blunder.


Anonymous said...

Rama Sithanen must be shocked hiding under the kitchen table!

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me to read the different names of political parties that people invent. There was one which was called FOUR CATS. Who are the other three?

Anonymous said...

A ben li pas p donne interview aster? A cote li le petit Rama pauvre bougre la?